What Is the Unit of Production Method & Formula for Depreciation?

units of production

We’ve written a complete guide on depreciation that goes into these different types of depreciation in detail. For now, just be aware that there are several different ways you can calculate depreciation in your business for management purposes and a completely different set of rules your tax professional will follow for your tax return. Over the long run, the depreciation expense recorded is also unlikely to vary much from the amount recorded under the straight-line method, which is far more convenient and simpler to calculate.

If the machine produces 50,000 units in the next year, the depreciation will be $100,000 ($2 x 50,000 units). The depreciation will be calculated similarly each year until the asset’s Accumulated Depreciation reaches $480,000. The units of production method meets the criterion of being rational and systematic, and it provides a good matching of expenses and revenues for those assets for which use is an important factor in depreciation.

Example of the Units Production Method

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Under the Units of Production Method, the depreciation expense incurred by a company is contingent on the actual usage of the fixed assets. To use this method, the owner must elect exclusion from MACRS by the return due date for the tax year the property is initially placed into service. Depreciation expense for a given year is calculated by dividing the original cost of the equipment less its salvage value, by the expected number of units the asset should produce given its useful life. Then, multiply that quotient by the number of units (U) used during the current year.


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The units of production rate is equal to the depreciable fixed asset carrying value (i.e. the cost basis net of the salvage value assumption) divided by the estimated number of production numbers, which comes out to $0.50. The units of production method attempts to recognize depreciation based on the actual “wear and tear” of the fixed asset on the balance sheet. The unit of production method depreciation begins when an asset begins to produce units. It ends when the cost of the unit is fully recovered or the unit has produced all units within its estimated production capacity, whichever comes first.

3 Explain and Apply Depreciation Methods to Allocate Capitalized Costs

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units of production

Again, the first step is the calculation of a rate by dividing the depreciable basis by the expected number of hours of operation. It is suitable for calculating depreciation on assets such as delivery trucks and equipment for which substantial variation in usage occurs. Notice we don’t change the value of the WidgetMaker 3000 itself; instead, the reduction of the asset’s value is reflected by a negative amount in accumulated depreciation for the asset.